Anhel. 2014.

Duo performance, light bulb, sand, midi controllers, custom software. 

ANHEL is a collaboration work of dance performer Nella Turkki and saxophonist Marc Vilanova.This duet explores the feeling of longing as an evidence of our existence and as a contact to somewhere else than where we are physically. This feeling is often covered in nowadays life, when social media keeps us connected to almost anywhere in the world. But is that connection enough? Why there is always a feeling of missing something - of being connected to something that we can't reach? Why do we hold these invisible strings of longing to somewhere, and where do they lead us?

ANHEL communicates without words, creating unique expression with live electronics and saxophone music, dance and object manipulation. After performed in various different places in Europe, ANHEL as a touring site-adaptable performance is suitable for various stages, always transforming itself to the new environment.

From 2014, ANHEL is part of The Strings Theatre Company.