Aresta. 2018

Sound/Light Installation/Performance

7m x 4,5m x 3m. 12 channel sound, saxophones, steel, wood, speaker cones, LEDs, dmx controllers, custom software, custom electronics, dimmers

Aresta is a sculptural sound installation, turning an ensemble of saxophones into autonomous entities. The music is generated by a computer using AI, played through the instruments and synchronized with LEDs placed inside their bodies. The performer interacts with the installation, questioning the need for a human body on stage and the potential obsolescence of its role.

Aresta can be experienced both as an installation and a performance.


Commission: FUGA
Residency: Etopia Center for Arts and Technology
Idea, Construction, Sound/Light Composition, Software, Performance: Marc Vilanova
Curation: Santiago Latorre
Production: Eduardo Pérez
Metal Production and Design: 2monos
AI Technology: DeepBach, created by Gaëtan Hadjeres (Sony Computer Science Laboratories)
Software Support: Alfredo Ardia
Installation Support: Nieves Arilla, Mateu Targa
Saxophone Quartet (recording): María Luisa Cuenca, Maria Elisabet Serra, Josep Subirats, Raúl Cuartero
Special Thanks: Alberto Bernal, Equipo Etopia, Carlos Maria Romero, Adriana Dumon, Kandis Friesen, Igi Ayedun, Mar Medinyà, Irene Anglada, Joan Albert Gisbert, Familia Vilanova Pinyol
Support: Konvent.0

Video Director: Carles Pons
Director of Photography: Fran Ríos
First AC/Focus Puller: Ivi Koyck
Second Camera Assistant: Mayté Pardo
Sound Mixing: Santiago Latorre
Colorist: Lluís Vilamazàn
Still Photography: Alexandre Furcolin

Photos: Anna Benet

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© 2022 Marc Vilanova