Demoledora.  2022

We inhabit increasingly small spaces in increasingly large cities. And they kick us out. Small ‎dwellings in which we occupy increasingly less physical space and increasingly more virtual ‎space. And they kick us out. Supposedly private spaces where we hear the sounds of others ‎as though they were ours. And they kick us out. Walls that create greater distance than the ‎ocean. And they kick us out. Private homes where we work 24/7 so we can live 24/7. And ‎they kick us out. A permanent intermittent employment contract with constant relocation. ‎And they kick us out. We will never own a home in our fucking lifetime. And they kick us out. ‎A dignified living space is a 5G connection. And they kick us out. But resistance is, and will be, ‎devastating.‎


Commission: Auditori de Barcelona
Idea, creation, and direction: Adriano Galante, Sara Serrano, David Climent, ‎Alessia Schoor
Performance, Music, Text: Adriano Galante, David Climent
Stage: ‎Alessia Schoor, Sara Serrano, Marc Vilanova
Light, Sound, Video Mapping: Marc Vilanova
Costumes: Alessia Schoor
Mediaturgy: Sara Serrano
Support: Graner Centre de Creació, Konvent Puntzero, TNT ‎Festival, Teatre L’Artesà, Fabra i Coats and Teatre Sagarra

© 2022 Marc Vilanova
© 2022 Marc Vilanova