Limen. 2019.

10m x 0,6m x 2m. 4 channel sound, 128 LED fluorescent lamps, dmx relays, wood, steel, LEE filters, custom software.

Limen aims to unveil the invisible sounds of our everyday life. The piece works around the fluorescent lamp, one of the most commune sources of light which also produces many tones above 20kHz. Using a special microphone we captured those ultrasounds and translated them into audible frequencies.

The composition uses only those invisible sounds produced by the lamps. This sonic material triggers a choreography of light composed by 128 fluorescents which are displayed in the shape of their ultrasonic waveform. The sculpture is surrounded by a yellow filter, a color known by its ability to increase our concentration and perceptional capacity, enhancing other organs than the ear on sensing those frequencies.

Limen means threshold, the place in between, the boundary of perception, a term that gives the lineal form to the structure and divides the space in two. The sculpture acts as a threshold between our perception limits, between the visible and the invisible, the hearable and the inaudible, between what we can sense and what goes beyond.

Limen was commissioned by Creative Industry Košice in collaboration with KAIR-Košice Artist in Residence.

Photos by Tatiana Takáčová