Performing with Live-Electronics on Acoustic Instruments.

This workshop includes some basic, simple and very effective ways of working with electronics on acoustic instruments. Therefore through practical examples, the workshop intends to look at possibilities of microphoning, feedback appliance, augmented instruments, the use of live controllers, gesture and performance with electronics. Furthermore, the workshop proposes to approach electroacoustic music performance in a powerful visual way by working with lights, projections and collaboration with dance. At the end of the workshop we will come back to our instruments to find the sonic possibilities that they purely offer us, aiming to create new languages and sort of electronic sounds through extended techniques.
It is important to remark that there are ways to start exploring performance with technology and achieve satisfying results without requiring previous knowledge.

The workshop is addressed to all instrumentalists that want to fill the gap between their instrument and electronics, as well as to those musicians that want to discover their own way of relating to their instrument and start creating new pieces, performances, collaborations and proposals for festivals. Classical, jazz, folk and also amateur musicians are warmly welcome with or without previous knowledge of electronics.