MUT _Solo Saxophone. 2016.

Solo, acoustic performance.

MUT means ‘dumb’ in Catalan language. During the whole solo the instrument remains muted in different ways in order to find a new vocabulary and a whole range of unexpected sounds. By muting the instrument we are also muting the tradition, the heritage and the dichotomies between classical and jazz.

With this technique, MUT creates a truly musical experience and a coherent discourse. The result is a completely electronic sound produced just by an acoustic instrument.

The solo is a performance in itself: gesture, body expression and images play an essential role accompanying and supporting the sound.
In the second half of the solo, Marc Vilanova includes live electronics that process the sound of the saxophone in real time. To make this possible, he creates a hand made pedal –with faders, buttons and a mobile phone– that works with Arduino.

Vilanova explores different kinds of microphone, feedbacks and live processing techniques developed in a patch created using Max/MSP.

Although the system is more complex, gesture and energy are still strongly present. The computer is hidden in order to keep the face-to-face connection between musician and audience.

Photos by Guillermo Pérez