Marca Barcelona. 2015.

Variable dimensions. Stereo sound, sound transducers, steel, chairs, speakers, custom software.

Marca Barcelona is a sound installation produced in within the Masters Program in Sound Art of Universitat de Barcelona.

All the sounds of the installation are originally recorded in La Rambla de Barcelona using binaural microphone and played with transducers using the metal table as an amplifier.

La Rambla is the busiest street in Barcelona. More than 300.000 visitors are walking the street every day and only 1.000 of them are local residents. Currently the street is a market full of offers for food, parties, alcohol, drugs and sex.

Alongside the noise from the traffic and the tourists, you can hear these sounds just by walking in the street. These are the original sounds of La Rambla at the moment.

There were 12 muted speakers standing around the room and the sounds were only coming from the central table. Thanks to this configuration the artist sheds light into the “pleasure market” turning on the sellers voices by the only object originally inhabiting the space and muting the tourist ones.