Mementō. 2015.

10m x 9m x 4m. 6 channel sound, PP raffia fabric, contact mics, braided steel cable, custom software.

Mementō is a collaboration between the architect collective Moradavaga and The Strings Theatre Company.
Moradavaga built the installation composed of eighty-four meters high sheets of plastic, offering a similar materiality that paper sheets and forming a moving labyrinth. It can be integrated to different kinds of spaces (exhibition halls, squares, theatres...).

In 10 of these sheets Vilanova installed a contact microphone system connected to a software programed together with Alfredo Ardia. When detecting the activity of the paper it triggers a sound in a surround system. Thus depending on the wind or the human interaction the sound reacts in a certain way giving the impression that the installation is alive. Six speakers were around the installation helping to have the feeling of hypnotic labyrinth when you were inside, and the surround movement was in a relation to the wind speed in the exterior.

Penetrating in this paper forest, the visitor slowly discovers that the different sounds surrounding him are created by his own movements: he has the option to “play” the installation and transform his environment.
In this way Memento is a polymorphous installation, getting influenced by its audience and the space conditions. It can become a playground for a sonorous hide and seek, a still and poetic bubble to loose yourself into calm meditations or veils flying up and down letting you discover out of a second what or who is behind them. Above all, the artists seek to make the public travel across his own memory.

Mementō was premiered at the Imaginarius Festival | Santa Maria da Feira (PT)

Photos by Moradavaga