Phonos. 2020-2022

Sculptural Sound Installation

3m x 5m x 3m. 208 channel sound, 208 speaker cones, 104 ampli ers, 26 audio interfaces, audio cables, steel, custom software.

Phonos is an sculptural installation that reuses 208 recycled speakers. Each speaker, instead of producing sound, performs an elegant movement at infrasonic frequencies; frequencies that exist below our audible range. Those low frequencies are present in our everyday life but we can only access them through technology. The viewer will encounter a monumental sculpture that seeks an intimate experience in order to perceive the subtle movement of each speaker, and listen the fragile polyrhythms that they generate. The piece aims to make visible the invisible sound.


Commission: Fundació Phonos
Concept | Production | Construction | Software: Marc Vilanova
Structure designed and created in collaboration with: 2monos
Metal Work: Alejandro Dumon, Ivan Mena
Hardware and Software Support: Alfredo Ardia
Installation Support: Venus Villa, Mateu Targa, Joan Perramon
Help: Giovanna Langone, Arantxa Boyero, Llorenç Balaguer, Joan Manel Pérez, David Chia, Gil Roca, Marc Ramis, Montse López, Berenice Moran, Caro Palmeiro, Alexis Catellano, Fernando Garcia-Valiño, Alejandra Andrés, Pedro Ramoneda, Teresa Pelinski
Special Thanks: Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Jordi Alomar, Ángel Faraldo, Venus Villa, Philippe Dumon, Nicoletta Mantoan, Família Vilanova Pinyol, Can Timoner, Konvent.0
Financial Support: Fundació Phonos, OSIC
Photos: Anna Benet

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© 2022 Marc Vilanova
© 2022 Marc Vilanova