Schnufe. 2018

Duo performance 

DMX controllers, LED’s, dimmers, custom controllers, custom softawe.

Schnufe is a piece that deals with gen- der powers and uncover ways of con- trol and manipulation of each other.

In Schnufe we aim to create an inti- mate space with the audience where the performers expose their desire for power and the need for control of the other. Music and movement work in the tension between dictating and re- acting / manipulating and coexisting / leading and revolt. With the use of cus- tom made lighting, sound, live electro- nics and movement the piece was des- cribed as “an energy that transcend any conventional form and lights the most primitive ways of relating to each other”.

Schnufe was created during 2018 with the mentorship of Fred Frith, and it was premiered at Theatre Roxy du- ring the Tanz Fest Basel in May 2018.


Choreography, Performance: Johanna Heusser
Sound, Performance: Marc Vilanova
Mentoring: Fred Frith
Video: Theater ROXY
Video Edit: Marc Vilanova
Photos: Hitzi Hitzinger, Gaspard Weissheimer, Maria Cheilopoulou
Support: Kulturpauschale BS, Kulturkick, Theater ROXY, Klangbasel, FIM Mitte

Special Thanks: Dansomètre, Karybu

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© 2022 Marc Vilanova
© 2022 Marc Vilanova