Spike. 2019.

4m x 4m x 3m. 8 channel sound, 14.200 ribbon cables, 210 LEDs, wood, braided steel cable, dmx controllers, custom software.

Spike is a large sculptural sound installation based on the complex neural system. A suspended wooden structure hangs 14.200 ribbon cables, 200 of them ending with a small LED. Each spark of light is synchronized with the sound creating a massive cerography of light, sound and shadows throughout the entire space. The form of the music is based on the brain activity captured with a headband sensor capable to produce an accurate encephalogram. The data of the brain’s electrical activity generates the sound/light score aiming to visualize the multiple and parallel connections of our neural system, a collective and interconnected process of distributing power in an horizontal level.

Spike was created during a three-month residency at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts Omaha, Nebraska USA.

Photos by Iziar Calle and Colin Conces