Spike. 2019

Sond/Light Installation

4m x 4m x 3m. 8 channel sound, 14.200 ribbon cables, 210 LEDs, wood, braided steel cable, dmx controllers, custom software.

Spike is a large sculptural sound installation based on recordings of electromagnetic fields. The artists captured the invisible electromagnetic fields that he was encountering during a regular day from all kinds of common electronic devices. The frequencies were captured using a magnetic antenna and a pickup coil.

A suspended wooden structure hangs 14.200 ribbon cables used in old computers. More than 300 of those cables have a little LED at the end that synchronizes with the sound material. The sculpture performs the recordings of invisible electromagnetisms that surround us while creating a sort of shield experience once you are inside. 


Created during a residency:  Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts
Idea | Construction | Light | Sound | Software: Marc Vilanova
Studio Assistant: Alex Jacobsen
Help: John Round, Katie Marya, Tyler Swain
Technical Support: Prototype Design Lab, Metropolitan Community College
Special thanks: Josh Johnson, Holly Kranker, Igi Ayedun, Sylvie Fortin, Rachel Adams, Chris Cook, Cameron A Granger, Rodney Ewing, Irini Miga, Adam Milner, Kandis Friesen, Jes Fan, Melanie Mclain, J.C Todd, Joel Kuennen, Konvent.0

Camera: Itzi Calle
Video Edit: Mac Vilanova
Color: Carles Pons Altimira
Sound Mixing: Santiago Latorre
Photo: Itzi Calle, Colin Conces

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© 2022 Marc Vilanova
© 2022 Marc Vilanova